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We began our journey with Miniature Smooth Dachshunds in September 2006 when we bought our Black and Tan boy, Albie.


Albie was a very special little man and it was through owning him that we fell in love with the breed.


Albie & Merlot (the Chocolate Burmese)


During the time we owned Albie, we lived in a cottage in the grounds of a stud farm, miles from anywhere. Albie had acres of open space to run around, with lazy afternoons on the lawn in Summer and cozy nights by the open fire in Winter. His 'girlfriend' was a lovely Lurcher named Kiera, who lived in the main farmhouse.


Sadly Albie passed away in March 2011 of complications due to IVDD. Albie was never used at stud and had no relation to any of the Dachshunds we own now - he was purely a very much loved family pet.


We learned a lot from owning Albie, but were very aware, once he died, that we didn't know enough. There was no information to be found online regarding IVDD as the internet was still in its infancy. Social Media wasn't used in the way it is now, so there were no 'groups' to gain information from. It was due to his premature passing that we decided to take a more active role within the breed and become as knowledgeable as possible, which in turn lead to working with excellent mentors; people who have now been in the breed over 40 years and who judge at Championship level, including Crufts. With their careful guidance and my own passion for Pregnancy, Birth, Anatomy, Biology, Physiology and learning in general, we began our journey into breeding.


Sunshine and I - April 2020


As you will see throughout this website, I am extremely passionate about what I do. Breeders, in general, get a bad reputation and bad press, and I completely understand why, with so much indiscriminate breeding, over producing and puppy farming taking place. However, there are still some breeders who take their responsibility very seriously and put everything into the care and welfare of their dogs and puppies, myself being one of them.


Originally trained as a Birth Doula, I have Diplomas in Canine Anatomy & Physiology and in Kennel Management. I have certifications in Canine First Aid, Microchipping and also Canine Pregnancy Ultrasound, and I scan all my pregnant ladies at home with my own ultrasound machine. More recently I was awarded the accolade of Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist by Dogs Naturally Magazine, after completing their course and exams from the Dogs Naturally University.


I never stop researching and learning, and this is reflected in my undertaking of all I do. Anything new that I learn, which I feel will be of benefit, is shared with my existing puppy owners so their own knowledge can deepen also.


I also provide a 'Facts Friday' each week on my Instagram stories, helping others learn about different aspects of the breed and bringing their new puppy home. All of this information is then saved into my Instagram highlights so that it can be accessed easily by those who need information or help.


The gang


Pelirroja means 'red haired' or 'red head' in Spanish. As 3 of our 4 children have red hair, and our foundation girl, Roxy, was a Red Miniature Smooth too, we thought this would be the perfect affix and kennel name for us, although we seem to have more black and tans than anything now!


Foo and Sunshine

Pelirroja Dachshunds

Di Handy




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