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I became fully qualified as an Ultrasound Technician in 2018, after 6 years of practice, and offer a mobile ultrasound pregnancy service for dogs and small mammals in the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire area.


My Pregnancy Detection & Dating scan:


For this appointment, we book the scan to take place between 28- 35 from last mating. It is best if you are as accurate as possible about mating dates to prevent the scan being performed too early and no foetuses detected.


In this scan, I will look for viable pregnancy, count how many sacs I can see and tell you the estimated delivery date by measuring the sacs. I will also send you a video of the scan via email later that day. 



£40 per ultrasound, within the comfort of your home.



Two Scan Package:


For this package I offer two scans - one at 28-35 days, the other at 46-53 days. 


In the initial scan, I will look for viable pregnancy, count how many sacs I can see and tell you the estimated delivery date by measuring the sacs. I will also send you a video of the scan later that day.


In the second scan, I will show you the heartbeats of all the pups I can see, show you their spine and other body parts. You will be able to watch them moving, opening and closing their mouths. Again, I will send you video via email.


This second scan is performed either for your own knowledge, understanding and personal curiosity, or more importantly, to check things if you have had any concerns.


Sometimes the amount of pups we see on the earlier scan aren't the amount that arrive on the day of birth. This may purely be down to a miscount, as I can never guarantee numbers, but if your bitch isn't growing and gaining as you would expect, reabsorption may have occured. I have experienced this myself a number of times, and it is very upsetting and confusing when you know things aren't moving forward as they should. For this reason, I offer this later scan, to make sure all is well.


£70 for two Ultrasounds, within the comfort of your home.




What is an Ultrasound scan?


An Ultrasound scan is a painless procedure that uses a probe to receive high frequency sound waves. The sound waves then create an image on the screen, showing the inside of the area where the probe touches.


Ultrasound is an extremely safe diagnostic tool which has been used for many decades in pregnancy. As no radiation is involved, Ultrasound scans are the most common and safest method for checking the development of a growing baby.


An Ultrasound can detect multiple changes going on inside the body, and those qualified to perform scans can decipher the information they see on the screen.


How is the Ultrasound Scan performed on your dog?


Once we have had our initial greeting, I have met the 'Mum to be' and she is familiar with me, I will ask you to get your her to lay down, whether that be on a dog bed, sofa or floor - basically wherever she is comfortable.

If she is a small breed like my own, she can sit upright and supported on your lap.


I will then apply a small amount of conductive gel onto her tummy or the tip of my probe. This gel is used as a bond between the probe and the skin and will let us see the image clearly on the screen.


I will be able to see quickly if your bitch is pregnant, however, finding and counting the pregnancy sacs, possible heartbeats (depending on stage of development) and measuring the sacs to check the estimated delivery date will take slightly longer. During this time, I will ask you to sit and stroke your dog and keep her as still as possible.


Should I see anything that I am concerned about (Pyometra being the main cause for worry), I will let you know immediately and advise you to visit your vet straight away for further scanning, diagnosis and treatment.





When are the best dates after mating to scan for pregnancy?


The best days to scan a bitch to detect pregnancy are 28-35 days from the FINAL mating. Before this date, there is a chance of not being able to see any sacs. After this window, of course we can still see foetuses, but it is much harder to distinguish one from the other due to their rapid growth, which therefore makes counting sacs very difficult, and almost impossible to measure a sac to give an estimated delivery date.


I would always advise you to book the date for the scan as soon as your bitch is mated, to make sure you get an appointment in the time frame preferable. 


How long will the appointment take?


The appointment will be maximum of 30 mins. This gives me time to look closely inside the uterus to see what is going on, and also to answer any questions you may have.


Which areas do you work in?


I live near Thame, Oxfordshire, and work within a 20 mile radius. Please see map at bottom of this page.







I am not a vet, nor a health care professional, and no medical advice or suggestions should be interpreted as such. I am trained to perform pregnancy detecting ultrasounds on small animals. Please contact your veterinary surgeon for advice on your dogs health. 


If you have a nervous or reactive dog, or one that could potentially bite, this must be disclosed to me at he time of booking the scan and safety measures must be made by you, the owner, to ensure no one gets hurt or injured during the Ultrasound procedure. Ultrasound doesn't hurt or cause sensation other than the cool gel on the abdomen, however, a nervous or reactive bitch may not take kindly to lying with her tummy exposed and a stranger wroking in that area. It is your responsibility to make me aware of any potential issues.



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