From our puppy owners...

"Having made our choice from the list of recommended  breeders we had been advised to speak to, we were pleased with the welcome we received on our first visit and impressed with the care Di takes with her puppies.

Having been vetted, we then made our choice of pup, as we were lucky to be first on Di's list for a girl from that litter. Upon collection of her, we were happy and surprised to receive an extensive puppy pack and her life history to date, which has been most useful to us.


Bella is doing very well at 5 months, loved by all and considers herself boss at our puppy training classes and is known as Miss Bells.
Temperament is very important in a dog and Di's puppies certainly have this. I would certainly recommend her as a breeder to anyone looking for a Miniature Smooth Dachshund"

                                                                                Carol  - owner of Bella


"As soon as I found Pelirroja online, I knew I had found the breeder that I so hoped to get a puppy from. The website offered me a huge depth of information, much more so than other Kennel Club breeder websites. As well as reading the very informative text online, Di was readily available to speak to on the phone, offering an endless depth of knowledge, welcome advice and honest guidance.

It gave me huge reassurance that Di is particular about who she offers her puppies to and we had a very thorough conversation as to whether we were able to provide a suitable home for one of her puppies. Di explained she breeds based on temperament which was extremely important to us, so all her dachshunds are all of a beautiful nature. When Daxies are a stubborn breed this is hugely important.
When we were offered a puppy from one of Di's litters, we were over the moon. We regularly received photos and updates on how the puppies were getting on with their mother and Di was always on the end of the phone when I had questions leading up to purchasing puppy items.
I could not have wished for a more supportive breeder, we visited our pup three times before she was old enough to be taken to her new home. On the very exciting day of collection, Di sat down with me and we talked through a very informative puppy pack which has been a bible that I refer back to regularly. It is filled with very useful information from puppies behavioural traits, worming and flea prevention advice, food plans, natural remedies and so much more.
Di's passion, deep understanding and love for dachshunds radiates from her and she continues to be such a support even months/years down the line when I have questions or concerns. She never fails to come up with solutions to any challenges I am experiencing with training our new puppy. I came away with a new friend and a puppy who has been an absolute dream and fills our lives with even more happiness!
Thank you so much Di for your continuous support to us and Roka."
Louise, Leo and Roka


"With our hearts set on adding a miniature dachshund to our family we began searching for a breeder via the Kennel Club directory. We spoke with a couple of breeders but were alarmed by how some were quick to raise the question of money before even talking to us about our suitability. After what felt like forever trawling the internet for more information, I came across Di’s website. It was full of useful information, not only about her own standards of breeding but about the dachshund breed in general. I arranged to speak with Di on the phone and didn’t come off of it for over an hour! We spoke in such depth about the breed, I was able to ask her as many questions as I wanted and she did the same. I was buoyed by her enthusiasm and passion but also her responsibility. She vetted us thoroughly to ensure her pups were going to the perfect forever homes they deserved which in turn made me feel that we had found a breeder who cared.
We were so pleased to visit Di at her home for the first time so that we could meet not only Fern and her beautiful pups but also the rest of her dachshund troupe! The thing that struck us most was the wonderful temperament of each and everyone of them, it was hugely reassuring to see them being reared in such a loving, safe environment. The opportunity to see the bloodline for ourselves and witness the beautiful nature of all Di’s dogs filled us with confidence. 
Throughout Fern’s pregnancy and during the weeks leading up to us collecting our puppy, Di kept in regular contact, sending photos, updates and offering advice to ensure we were properly set up at home and prepared to welcome our new addition. She even accommodated us when we asked to send a blanket to be popped in with pup and Mum so that when we brought him home he would have something familiar and comforting. 
On collection day, we travelled the four hours to Di’s house from Yorkshire to pick up our baby boy, whom we named ‘Gatsby’. We were presented with an amazing puppy pack, full of toys, blankets, treats and most importantly our bible. Di’s guide book is invaluable. It is packed full of useful information on training, behaviour, nutrition, health and even a guiding timetable to help us establish a routine once we were home. I regard it so highly, I took it everywhere with us in the first month!

During the first couple of weeks, Di was in regular contact to ensure we were all OK and to see if we had any questions. She was on hand to answer any queries but having done such a good job in the first place, we were lucky enough to have ourselves a great little boy who behaved so perfectly! Since bringing Gatsby home, we have kept in regular touch with Di, sharing photos and updates on his progress and generally sharing how fantastic he is! 
At five months old he is thriving and is so intrinsically part of our family now, we couldn’t imagine the world without him. Despite the breeds notoriety for being highly intelligent but terribly stubborn and therefore tricky to train, Gatsby mastered house training very quickly and was equally as quick to learn commands such as sit, stay, down and high five (the most important one obviously). I know that it is through Di’s responsible breeding for exceptional temperaments that we have been so fortunate to have such a good boy. Not only has he just completed and received his Puppy Foundation Certificate but he has also been promoted to Head of Customer Relations and Client Retention in our shop for his outstanding performance, wooing and charming all of our visitors. :)
He has brought so much joy to our lives and we can’t thank Di enough. Her love and respect for this most beautiful of breeds is clearly evident. She is a fantastic ambassador and we only wish more breeders were as dedicated and wonderful as she is. Gatsby is a true testament to her good breeding and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. 
Sophia, Rew & Gatsby xxx”


Gatsby and his Puppy Foundation Certificate!

Margot is a long awaited and much loved addition to our family. We couldn’t have wished for a sweeter-natured, more loving or easy-going little dog!


We met Di, her family and the dogs some time before Margot was born and Di made us aware of all the pros and cons of owning a dachshund.  After they were born, Di kept us informed of the puppies’ progress and sent us photos of them. We then met the litter when they were around five weeks old and were absolutely smitten. It was a very long wait to bring her home!


At eight weeks old, Margot came to us crate-trained and well on her way to being housetrained.  Other than a few whimpers on her first few nights, Margot slept through from the very beginning and has always felt very secure in her crate wherever she may be. Within a couple weeks she was fully house trained. 


As first time dog owners, we were incredibly grateful for the comprehensive ‘starter pack’ that Di provided which went above and beyond anything anyone else I know has received. Her advice on diet and the first food delivery was equally welcome.


Margot adapts incredibly well to all situations. She loved her two weeks holiday with her grandparents over the summer and gave us the most incredible welcome on our return! She’s equally happy in town or country, loves attending our children’s sporting fixtures, has enjoyed holidays at home and abroad with us and is very happy on long car journeys. I really feel we can take her anywhere!


Margot is a very sociable dog, and while she loves playing with other dogs, I think she actually prefers people, especially children, which is just as well as they LOVE her!


I can’t recommend Di enough as a breeder. From our very first dealings with her she has made sure that we had the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on everything dachshund. Her knowledge of the breed is phenomenal and she remains a constant source of advice and support. We don’t go anywhere without the ‘Dible’ - as the children call the incredibly detailed folder of information she gave us when we took Margot home. 


What Di really excels at, however, is the 24/7 phone and text support that she continues to provide. Whenever I’ve had a concern or question she has come straight back to me with the most useful advice and links to the latest information. She also offers proactive guidance on new suppliers, medication, dietary advice etc. We’re incredibly grateful to her for bringing Margot in to our lives and for her ongoing friendship and help.


                                                                                      Heather Warren

Whenever I speak to other dachshund owners they always remark on how lucky we were to find Di. 


When you choose to bring a puppy into your family you hope to meet someone who takes your decision as seriously as you do, and from our first telephone “interview” I knew we were in safe hands. It was reassuring to be asked so many questions in response to my own, and to know that Di wouldn’t say “yes” to just anyone, no matter how much we wanted a puppy. If our home and lifestyle didn’t fit, she would say so.


We were also comforted by the fact that Di operates with a waiting list: she doesn’t have puppies ready and waiting, desperate to ship them off, which was a vibe we felt when speaking with other breeders who often wanted a deposit up-front. 


A month or so after our first conversation she very kindly let us visit her home where we could see her girls at rest and play. They were happy, inquisitive and gentle. The home visit also gave us the opportunity to decide whether a mini dachshund was the right dog for us and at no point did we feel we couldn’t walk away. We had to be right for our puppy, and our puppy had to be right for us.


From the moment Monty was born Di would send us regular updates and photos. She made us feel that no question was too silly, no worry too absurd and she was absolutely available any time we needed her. Even now, at 10 months old we still ask questions, and that helpline is so comforting. 


When the time came to bring Monty home we felt completely at ease knowing he had been crate-trained. We learnt early on how important it is to have a dog who is comfortable staying in a crate should any accidents occur and we can’t thank Di enough for her hard work. He even had a completely dry sleep back to London (a 2.5 hour journey) which was testament to Di’s dedication to her pups. Within a few days he was adjusted, eating well, sleeping mostly through the night and didn’t wet his bed once - incredible! 


Di’s starter pack is a wonder and was our absolute Bible during the initial months. Other Daxie owners flick through and regularly say how they wish they’d had something so informative at their fingertips for those often exhausting first weeks. 


Monty is an absolute joy: full of energy, a sense for adventure and is very sociable. He has taken the London life in his stride, particularly enjoying all the attention he gets in coffee shops, quickly followed by lap cuddles for hours at a time. He has happily stayed with our family and friends in the city and country who also know that Di is there for them should they have any concerns or questions. 


Thank you for bringing such a fun, playful, well-tempered puppy into our lives. He is everything we wanted and more. 


Craig, Antonia and Monty



It was fate that brought us to Di after we lost are silver dapple dachshund, Smudge, to cancer at the age the age of 4 years. We had not had a good experience with Smudge's breeder and she came to us with worms, ear mites and fleas. We were wary when we contacted Di, but she was totally different. She gave us a thorough vetting over a long phone call and we were then invited to Di’s house. She made us very welcome and we met all the dachshunds. They were gorgeous, very friendly with gleaming coats. I was kneeling on the floor with them and Lily the silver dapple curled up on my lap, it was as though she sensed I was sad.

Once Di was happy that we were suitable, we then met the Mum and the puppy we were to have, who we named Ruby. Di spent a lot of time with us and didn’t rush us in anyway. We received regular updates and lots of photos before collecting Ruby, and Di sent her to her forever home with us with a months supply of food, toys, a blanket, treats and a jumbo file, with everything you need to know and more. Even though this is the fourth dachshund we have had, I have found this file invaluable and referred to it many times. Di was in regular contact in the early weeks, checking Ruby was ok and reminding us we could contact her at any time if we had any concerns.

Ruby has developed into a lovely, friendly, confident little dog who is a joy to take anywhere. Children and adults of all ages stop to fuss and cuddle her and she takes this all in her stride. In fact I am reluctant to leave my husband outside shops with her as when I come back, all the young ladies are flocking round him and they are both loving it! Ruby has passed her Kennel Club puppy foundation course and is now working towards her bronze. Surprisingly she really enjoys and is very good at the agility class. This has been a new experience for us, and for those that run it as they have had to put out little jumps!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Di as breeder to anyone. The commitment, love and care for her dogs and the puppies she rears is exceptional and she more than deserves the status she has.

Love Sue, Bill and Ruby

I first found the Pelirroja Dachshunds website when my parents, who live in Monaco, were looking for a puppy in 2014. The timing wasn’t right then though, and Di didn’t have any puppies due for quite a while. We had already been on various waiting lists for over a year at that point so when a little red girl, Martha, was born with another breeder, we chose her.

In early 2017 my parents said that they would like a little sister for Martha and the Pelirroja Dachshunds website came to mind straight away. In my opinion, Di’s website is the most informative professional breeding website I have ever come across. It is very clear that Di is passionate about the breed, health and temperament, and has spent many years improving her breeding lines. All her girls are stunning.


I contacted Di to ask to go on her list for a bitch puppy and after many emails back and forth we were accepted. As expected, Di thoroughly vets her potential owners and quite rightly so, I would expect nothing less from a responsible breeder, it’s just a shame more aren’t quite so diligent. We kept in contact and although things didn’t work in our favour for several litters we were prepared to wait for as long as it took to have a Pelirroja puppy.


After some time, Di sent me an email to say that she had a litter of three, a girl and two boys, and that the girl was ours - so exciting! Not long after the birth, however, Di noticed that the little girl had been born with a kink in her tail and asked if it we were comfortable with that? She explained that it would cause no issue - we really didn’t mind at all. Di was still concerned about the angle of the tail, however, and said she would consult with her vet and let us know the outcome. The vet decided that it would be best if the crooked part of the tail was removed, to stop any potential damage later in life. This was then done a day or two after the puppy was born with no problems. My parents named her Nellie and Di’s daughter, Freya, affectionately called her ‘Tiny Tail Nellie’! Di and my mother spoke at length on the telephone and arranged for us to visit Nellie when she was four weeks old.


We already knew that we had made the right choice to wait for a Pelirroja puppy, and when we met Di, the family and all their gorgeous, well adjusted dachshund girls, it just confirmed it. Di is such a dedicated, knowledgeable, kind and warm person who does her absolute best to produce beautiful, healthy and well balanced puppies with super temperaments that really are a credit to her. When we visited, she spent so much time answering all of our questions and showing us her girls and the puppies, even though she was exhausted because not only does she have her family and household to run, her dogs and various puppies to care for, she was successfully hand rearing 10 standard dachshund puppies as their mother, Robyn, sadly passed away after unforeseeable complications with the birth of her litter, I honestly don’t know how she was holding it together!


Finally, some words about little Nellie. She is probably the easiest puppy any of us in our family have ever known. She’s so laid back, nothing seems to faze her, she’s very biddable, was very easy to toilet train and so, so comical. She adores her sister Martha, Maisie and Margaux her canine family in the UK, and we all adore her.


She really is a very special girl and we have Di to thank for breeding such a little cracker!


Sam, Nellie and family 



We have had two beautiful puppies from Di and Kevin and are totally over the moon with both!
I can’t recommend Di as a breeder highly enough. If you are lucky enough to be considered for a puppy, you know you will be getting a dog who has been bred with the upmost care and attention.
Upon receiving your puppy you are given a folder full of information about the breed and tips on how to settle your new addition into their new home. Not only that, Di is always at the end of the phone if you have any concerns (great if it’s your first dog, as it was with us!)
We got Dudley, our shaded red, from Di five years ago, and Primrose, our silver Dapple is coming up for a year very soon. I’m still very much in contact with Di, sending photos and asking the odd question.
A better breeder you will not find!!

Charlotte Vincent.


Pelirroja Dachshunds

Di Handy





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