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Q - Do you have any puppies available currently?


A - We never have any puppies available when people call on the 'off chance' - we don’t keep a supply! We operate a waiting list and this therefore means our puppies are spoken for from birth.


Q - How can I be added to your waiting list?


A - To be considered for our waiting list, please get in touch via email. It would be fantastic to include information regarding yourself, your family, your lifestyle, your home/garden and how you feel a pup/dog will fit in with your world. This gives us a better understanding as to whether a Miniature Smooth Dachshund would be the correct breed for you. They don't suit every household and will not thrive in the wrong circumstances, so it is important to get the 'match' between owner and puppy right. The next stage would be organising for you to come and meet us. 



Q - If I am accepted onto your waiting list, how long will I have to wait?


A - It very much depends on when the girl in question has her season. We will be able to give you more information on this when we have direct contact. If the timing doesn't work for you, then you are free to look elsewhere. You are never 'held' to anything when on our waiting list and likewise, we are not bound either as sometimes things don't go to plan when breeding (i.e. bitch doesn't conceive, bitch loses puppies before/during/after birth)


Q- How much is a deposit for a puppy and when do I pay this?


A - We don't take any form of deposits for our puppies. Should you wish to pull out of the sale prior to the pup leaving, then it clearly wasn't 'meant to be' and we will have other people on our waiting list that we can offer the puppy to.


Q - How many litters do you breed a year?


A - We have roughly two litters per year, give or take one litter. It is a 5 month period from when the girl comes into season until the puppies leave us. 


Q - Why don't you advertise upcoming litters on your website?


A - We have never needed to advertise our puppies as prospective owners will contact us in advance, via our website or the Kennel Club, meaning homes are lined up by the time the puppies arrive. I will sometimes put a note on the site as to breeding plans over the coming year.


Q - I'm looking to bring a pup home at a specific time in the year, can you accomodate this?


A - Unfortunately not. You would need to be adaptable and fall in with our breeding plans. Mother Nature plays the biggest part as to when our girls come into season and are therefore mated, also our annual plans as a family come in to play too.  We have no control over when a season will arrive - we generally have a rough idea, however, it isn't unheard of for this to be 2, 3 or 4 months later than expected. Sometimes we have to miss out on mating a girl should the timing not be right for us. 


We don't breed each girl on every season, we select which ones will be having litters that year and keep our fingers crossed that everything goes to plan. 


For information, we never breed during the Summer months. When we have a litter, I am at home constantly for two weeks before delivery until the pups leave at 8 weeks, so 10 weeks in total. It is unfair and unrealistic to keep our children tied to the home during the summer months, so we never breed at this time.


Q - I want to surprise my girlfriend with a puppy, can you help me with this?


A - We never sell puppies as a surprise as we like to get to know the person/people who will be involved in raising the puppy. Unless they are very experienced Dachshund owners (having owned one or more within the last few years), then there is a lot for new owners to learn and we will be in contact with them throughout the 8 weeks that the pup is with us. We will not sell a pup to what will essentially be a stranger.


Q - Why are there no prices on your website? How much are your pups?


A - There are no prices on our website because this isn't a shop!! Our website is purely for information purposes. Prices will be discussed privately via direct message.


Q - I would like to buy a bitch puppy from you and breed from it in the future, is this ok?


A - We don't sell dogs to be bred from, they are purely pets, so in answer to your question, no. All puppies have an endorsement placed on their Kennel Club documents stating this, and it is also written into the puppy contract.

If you wish to breed, please seek out a breeder who is happy to let you do so.



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