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In 2016, it became mandatory that all dogs within the UK must be microchipped and registered with a database such as Petlog.

In addition, Breeders must now have all puppies in their litter microchipped by 8 weeks old, before leaving for their new homes, and the microchip must be registered in the Breeders name and address as the first keeper. Once the puppy is in it's forever home, the new owners would then transfer the microchip details into their own name, as they would with the Kennel Club registration if the dog has one.


Microchipping is quick and most often painless. I am a qualified Microchip implanter and trained with PetDetect in 2013. I do believe that it causes puppies far less stress when they are microchipped within their own home, not to mention much easier for the breeder themselves.


I personally choose to use the mini microchip, to hopefully minimise any discomfort caused, but must admit that its very rare to even hear a pup make a peep when the chip is implanted.


I advise microchipping the puppies between 6-8 weeks.




£10 per puppy with litters of 1-4 pups

£9 per puppy with litters of 5-9 pups

£8 per puppy in litters of 10+ pups


How are the pups then registered with Petlog?


At the time of implanting, I record the name, sex and colour of all your pups. Upon my return home, I enter every puppy's details directly into the Petlog database for you. Via email, I will then send you documentation for each puppy. I will also give you instructions on how to then obtain the transfer code for each puppy, so you can supply your new owner with this information.



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