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After high demand and request, as of January 2021, I am now offering some specialised services for those who may benefit from them. Please drop me a line via email if you are interested in any of the services below.



New Puppy Mentoring


From running a very successful Instagram account where I am inundated with questions daily, it has become very apparant that many puppy owners, whether they already have their new bundle of joy or are waiting to pick him/her up, have lots of unanswered questions and are looking for support, concerned about doing things the 'wrong' way.


Your breeder should always be your first port of call and the person who teaches you all you need to know, but if, for some reason, this isn't or hasn't been the case, I am now offering a service to help those in that position. This is basically the same service that I offer my puppy owners and from me you will receive:


* An introductory call

* Access to a private Amazon shopping list that I have set up specifically for my puppy owners.

* Whatsapp message contact whenever you need me, throughout the puppies first year of life, and organised phone calls if you or I feel it's necessary.

* A copy of my 120 page 'Puppy information guide' (©Pelirroja 2021)


There will be an affordable, one off fee for this service, as there would be if you employed any specialist to help with your dog, and I am happy to discuss this via email when you get in touch.


Canine Pregnancy Ultrasound


Those first few weeks after mating a bitch can really drag when you are desperate to know if she is pregnant!


I passed my Level 2 Canine Pregnancy Ultrasound Technician course in 2018, but have actually been performing scans on my own pregnant girls and those of friends since 2013 when I first bought my own (very cumbersome) ultrasound machine. I practice with my own girls as often as I can, so much so that, when pregnant with any subsequent litters, they stand at my bedroom door, waiting patiently to be scanned and get SUPER excited when they hear the machine turn on!


I offer a canine pregnancy detection service from either the comfort of your home or mine, so you don't need to cause any unnecessary stress to your girl by taking her to the vets for a scan, also exposing her to potential illness from other animals, right at the point in her pregnancy where she and her litter are at their most vulnerable.


I have an up to date, slim line and non obtrusive ultrasound machine that is extremely portable; not something scary that will upset your bitch. I am always very accurate with numbers and due dates, and can show you hearts beating and even record the scan for you, and send it to you via email once I have uploaded it later that day.


From my own experience, the best time to scan a bitch for pregnancy, especially if finding out the number of pups, is between 27 - 33 days. 


Unfortunately, in pregnancy, sometimes things don't go to plan, and puppies can fade away and reabsorb. Bitches very rarely miscarry, where the puppy is expelled from the uterus, but before the 6th week of pregnancy, puppies that have passed away can reabsorb back into the bitches system, this means that they can literally disappear over a 24 hour period - sadly I have watched it happen multiple times with my own girls. After 6 weeks gestation, the puppies have developed a skeleton and so reabsorption generally wouldn't occur.


I can detect if there are any reabsorbing puppies at the time of the scan, or let you know about anything that I feel looks abnormal, however, I can't diagnose illness or predict what will happen in the coming weeks of the pregnancy.


The fee for an ultrasound scan is between £35 and £50, depending on whether you are coming to me or vice versa, and where you live. 


Please get in touch if you would like to chat further and/or book your bitch in to be scanned.



Scanning from the comfort of my bed! My girls love it and nod off during, they find it so relaxing.

Canine Pregnancy, Birth & Puppy Support


Over the last year, I have had a steady stream of requests, from owners and/or new breeders, asking for my presence and assistance during the birth of their bitch's puppies. Up until now, this was something I only did from time to time, for friends who were having a litter or those who had asked for my help.


I recently had the experience of whelping ('whelping' is the name for canine birth) a litter of French Bulldogs. The owner, a friend, had asked for my help as it was completely new to her and obviously I was happy to assist.


To say it was the hardest birth I have ever encountered would be an understatement; every puppy was stuck between half way in, half way out, each pup had no sac, each had defecated before the birth, all needed assistance to breathe once born but one pup in particular needed mouth to mouth resuscitation and CPR, of which I performed and am happy to say the puppy lived. 


Both I and the owner know that had I not been there, none of the pups would have survived, and the Mother possibly wouldn't have either. Having someone experienced on hand can literally be the difference between life and death.


So I have chosen to offer a service and my assistance as a 'Canine Pregnancy, Birth and Puppy Support'. It can be a very daunting process, and inexperience can often be the cause of complications, due to not knowing what to do or the signs that something is wrong.


If you have a pregnant bitch or are planning to mate one, and you would have questions you can't find answers to in books and would like to work with someone experienced who will also be present at the birth, please do get in touch. There will be a one off fee, which doesn't need to be paid until after the birth, but no extras costs other than this. The price is also fixed, regardless of how long I am with you and how long the process takes. I will bring a kit of all necessary items with me, and help your pups arrive into the world as safely as possible.


This service is also availabe remotely, as even though I wouldn't be with you in person, I can be there via video to guide you through and help you.


For this service, you will receive:


* A shopping list of tried and tested items you will need for the birth and the rearing of a litter

* A very extensive document (10,000 words), explaining, in depth, the stages of labour and birth from an experienced standpoint, with things to watch out for that could mean there is an issue

* Contact with me, advice and support in the weeks leading up to birth

* My presence and advice during the birth, whether in person or remotely

* Support with the puppies after the birth, answering any questions you may have



Disclaimer: Even with an experienced person on hand, things can go wrong during labour and birth and this must be fully understood by the owner, even if you don't plan to have anyone with you. I am not a Vet, nor a Veterinary Nurse, however, I do have a deeper understanding of the birthing process and much more experience, as your vet will tend to mainly deal with emergency situations; it's rare for a vet to be present at natural home births.


Should there be a complication, I will be able to deal with this calmly, guide and support you, but cannot be held responsible for any aspect of the birthing process that results in an unfavourable outcome. Unfortunately, sometimes things do go wrong, regardless of how experienced you are, and this is something that must be accpeted before embarking on breeding.



Content Mum and babies - just after birth

New Breeder Mentoring Programme


For anyone planning to breed from their bitch, I cannot stress enough how having a mentor is of the utmost importance, especially if you want to breed properly, ethically and be respected - no one can possibly learn all they need to know about breeding by just going ahead and doing it. Without support, you are likely to run into problems right from the outset, and even the most experienced breeders need someone to mull things over with in the heat of the moment.


I had a number of mentors when I first started on this journey, as I mention at the start of the website - I wanted to learn as much as I could so that I had some knowledge before the first pregnancy and birth my bitch and I embarked upon. In my opinion, if I am going to do something, I want to do it properly, or there really is no point doing it at all.


In that litter, I had a disabled puppy named Winny (you can read her page in 'Our Girls') and was really thrown into the deep end with a pup that literally could not feed - she would have died within the first few days had I not have stepped in and helped on an hourly basis. Although no one could really support me through the ordeal as her condition was unique, I knew how to identify a problem initially, before it was apparant, and I knew what was required keep her alive and give her the best possible chance of life. I wouldn't have had a clue nor been prepared had I not have had mentors. 


Things don't always go smoothly with breeding, in fact problems arise more often than not, so having someone experienced you can talk to and ask questions of is worth it's weight in gold.


Maybe you know someone already that has responsibly bred dogs in the past and that you can call upon for advice and support, however, if you don't, I am in a position to take on a number of people each year who are planning to have a litter.


The programme will run for a period of 6 months and will be largely based on Instagram, on a private account specifically for the programme. Each month, or possibly more often, I will do an IGTV live recording, discussing numerous subjects in depth, with the opportunity to ask/answer questions along the way. These videos will be accessible for those on who are on the programme to refer back to time and time again. There will be group conversations via Whatsapp, Zoom calls and a test at the end of the programme, so we can see any areas that need to be covered in more depth.


The number of spaces is limited to 15 new breeders per year, so if breeding is something you are thinking of doing but don't know where to start and would like a mentor, please get in touch for a chat and I will let you know if I still have availability.



Just born - still not fully dry

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Please note: our waiting list is full until 2024 and we are currently not taking any waiting list enquiries.


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