Breeze - 8 weeks old


Breeze is Sunshine's daughter and she arrived, along with her 6 siblings, in March 2020. They were all such amazing puppies, born just before the Covid-19 lockdown was put in place and so I literally had all of my time to spend with them, which was really special and a welcome distraction from other things going on in the world.


Breeze was the second born, just as Sunshine was, and I knew as soon as I saw her that she was the one I would keep. Usually I wouldn't decide at that stage, I would watch them as they developed then choose one if that was my intention, but it really was love at first sight with this little (big) one.


Unusally, Breeze's father is Standard Wire haired Champion dog. The practice of mating different coat types isn't accepted for registration with the Kennel Club these days, in preference for keeping the coat types 'pure', however, Standard Wires have the least incidence of IVDD of the 6 varieties of Dachshunds, with a prevelance of only 9% (less than 1 in 10) whereas Standard Smooths (and Mini Smooths) have the highest prevelance at 26% (more than 1 in 4). I therefore decided to minimise the risk of Sunshine's future puppies suffering with IVDD by using a dog who was 8 years old with no previous spinal issues, and had the lowest prevelance of the condition. Breeze and all her siblings are theerfore all Wild Boar in colour with a pin wire coat. She is such an amazing little character, just like her Mum - she almost seems like a carbon copy and its lovely to see.


The soft spot for Standard Dachshunds is definitely growing.......



Breeze - just born
True love :)

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I look forward to hearing from you....



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