Fern is Roxy's Granddaughter and also Nova's niece. We chose her from a litter of 6 that Roxy's son, Cosmo, had sired.


Fern is a gorgeous Clear Red and takes after her Father and Grandmother, in that she is one of the easiest puppies we have ever had the joy of owning. So laid back, quiet and ever so happy - a real sweetie. She loves everyone she meets and will jump up for a cuddle on anyones lap.


The temperamant of this particular little family/line are second to none - from Roxy, mother of Cosmo and Nova, to Fern who is Roxy's grandaughter, they are all an absolute delight to own and I really couldn't ask for anything more.


Fern will have a litter at some point in the future, all being well, and I have absolute confidence that her pups will have the same amazing termperament as their Mummy and the generations before her.


Fern at 8 weeks
by www.poloimages.org
Ferns pup

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Diane Handy






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