Lilly, our beautifully calm and quiet silver dapple - a complete darling, so easy going and 'besties' with Nova, who is just the same. They make a lovely pair.


Lilly was our first dapple coated Dachshund. Underneath the spotty patches, each silver dapple has a Black and Tan coat, so their official name is a 'Black and Tan Dapple', but the term 'silver dapple' was given many years ago, due to the silver colour of their markings. These markings are a pattern on top of the Black and Tan - if you can imagine someone splashing bleach with a paint brush and wherever the bleach touched, it washed away the original colour - this is how dappling works and is also called the Merle gene. The pattern is random on each dapple, no two are the same, making them completely unique.


Dapple Dachshunds MUST NEVER be mated to another dapple Dachshund, as this would result in DOUBLE DAPPLE puppies being produced - this is the biggest no-no when breeding Dachshunds!!


The pups from such a mating would have large patches of pure white coat, if not totally white, and have many health issues, mainly blindness or born with no eyes at all. For this reason, the Kennel Club will not register puppies born from two dapple coat parents and any breeder who knows the breed well would NEVER allow this mating to occur, let alone sell the puppies.


Lilly has a small portion of blue in her right eye, this is due to the dapple pattern crossing over her iris. This does not affect her sight and some Dapples have two fully blue eyes, depending on where the pattern is projected.

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