April 2020
8 weeks old


Phoenix is Fern's daughter and a huge character in the household - I have never known a more 'busy' girl! 


Phoenix was a singleton puppy, meaning she was an 'only child' - Fern sadly reabsorbed all but one puppy during her pregnancy. Singleton puppies can pose a few issues - firstly, they can grow so big in the uterus that they can't be birthed naturally and a caesarean section is often necessery. Also, with only one puppy onboard, sometimes not enough hormones are produced to kick start labour at the right time. It can be a very worrying situation, but luckily Fern gave birth to Phoenix naturally and perfectly.


Phoenix - 12 days old


Having an single puppy can cause concerns in other areas too. As they have no siblings, when Mum needs to leave the nest to toilet or eat, the puppy has no one to cuddle up to. As time moves on and Mum starts to slowly detach from her pup, which is part of the natural process, again, the puppy has no company. With no siblings it can also mean that the pup doesn't learn necessary skills like playing or sharing. They do tend to be happy on their own, having never known any different, but it is important that they are socialised properly.


Luckily, when Phoenix was born, Nova also had a litter of 5 boys two weeks later. Once Phoenix was around 6 weeks old, she started to come into their puppy pen with me, to share meals with the boys. After a week or so of doing this, she decided to stay with them for a nap, and she never left! Happily, she ended up having lots of playmates and learnt all the skills necessary to be a well rounded little girl.


But my goodness, is she fast?? I have never known a puppy like it!


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