Robyn the 2nd

Robyn - A Black and Tan Standard Smooth Dachshund - 10 weeks old


Dam: Carpaccio Faberge

Sire: Champion Lauralee Huckleberry Finn at Carpaccio

* Standard Dachshunds require no health testing


13 weeks


We named Robyn 2nd after her Grandmother, who, as mentioned on Sunshine and Doris' pages, died shortly after giving birth to her litter of 11 puppies (9 surviving). 


Robyn 1st was such an integral part of our Standard Dachshund family and breeding line and we miss her every day, so we wanted to name a granddaughter in her memory.



Robyn the 1st - 12 weeks and still with her breeder
Looking for food!
Posing :)


My initial plan was to keep a red bitch pup from Doris' litter, if there was one, and

lo and behold, there was! However, as the puppies started to develop, this little black and tan lady decided she was going to be my best friend, always the first onto my lap, always wanting cuddles - she reminded me a lot of Sunshine as a puppy. As colour is the least important aspect, and personality (aside from health) is the most important, I decided to choose the pup I had the strongest connection with, and that was this little girl. 


We all absolutely adore her - what an amazing little character she is! I can't wait to watch her grow but also secretly wish she could stay a baby forever, it goes too quickly! 


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