We purchased our first bitch, Roxy, from Karen and Kevin at Kierpark Whippets. We are still very much in contact with them and, through owning Roxy, they have become our very dear friends.


Roxy is a very deep shaded red, Miniature Smooth Dachshund. She is gentle, caring, loyal and affectionate and very much the pack leader. She has an amazing temperament with a beautiful pedigree to match, containing many champions. We all adore Roxy, she has shared so many happy family times with us. Since her arrival we have become very much more involved in the breed - looking further into issues of health testing, breed standard, attending health seminars and dog shows. We have also been very lucky to have met some wonderful friends and mentors along the way.



Roxy had her first litter of puppies in late 2012 - 1 bitch and 2 dogs named Winny, Wilbur & Willoughby, all a beautiful shaded red also. Roxy was an amazing Mother to them and helping her to raise them was an absolute joy.


Roxy and her first babies
Winny (and Dotty)

In Roxy's second litter she had 3 puppies - 1 bitch and 2 dogs named Emily, Big Red and Cosmo. Even more so than before, I have never seen such a devoted Mother. She gave birth and nurtured her babies with ease, not one minutes worry on my part, and all 3 pups were the most relaxed I have ever known, taking after their Mother and Father in nature.


Cosmo & Kevin
Big Red


Roxy had 4 puppies in her third litter, 2 bitches and 2 dogs - Fig, Mabel, Stilts and Gunner. To my immense surprise, one bitch was a Black and Tan, a colour I didn't think Roxy produced.


Roxy and her 4 pups
Roxy and our youngest daughter

Roxy had a four pups in her final litter - Margot, Limo, Carmen and Nova (our keeper). As always, an absolutely amazing Mummy to her babies, all with such beautiful temperaments and conformation.

Roxy and her baby, Margot


Roxy is now enjoying her retirement, living with a friend and another older Dachshund, Bella. Sometimes when bitches have finished having litters with us, we place them in the care of someone very special, so they can enjoy their later years in peace and quiet. 

Pelirroja Dachshunds

Di Handy





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