Sunshine - A Black and Tan Standard Smooth Dachshund - Easter 2019


Dam: Obereg Velesa Veduniya at Pelirroja (Imp Rus)

Sire: Champion Cwmdarhian Hogan's Hero at Carpaccio

* Standard Dachshunds require no health tests


Sunshine is an extremely special girl who had a very sad start to her life.


We imported Sunshine's Mum, Robyn, a beautiful Standard Red Dachshund, from Russia in January 2017. She lived with us for 9 months and then spent 6 months with a friend and fellow breeder in Swindon, where she was shown and enjoyed the company of the other Standard Dachshunds that lived there. When Robyn was pregnant with her first litter, she came back home to stay with us and have her puppies.


Sunshine - 11 months old


Unknown to us at the time, Robyn was carrying 11 puppies, which is a larger than average litter for a Standard Dachshund. On the day the pups arrived, she gave birth naturally and beautifully to 9 babies at home, but unfortunately, puppy #10 was completely stuck in the birth canal. I performed an ultrasound scan and could see that, sadly, the stuck puppy had died, but that also, there was another puppy right behind, which was still alive. I tried everything in my knowledge and experience to help Robyn dislodge the stuck puppy, but to no avail, so an emergency trip to the vets in the wee hours was needed. After much discussion with the vet on how to proceed, it was decided that she needed an emergency caesarean section to get both puppies out safely.



The operation, however, didn't go as smoothly as we had hoped. Unfortunately Robyn suffered huge complications - her uterus ruptured and she lost a lot of blood. Her little body wasn't strong enough to deal with everything it had gone through that day and to our utter disbelief and devastation, she died the following morning, leaving behind 10 live puppies - 9 which were born at home and 1 which arrived via caesarean section.


Sunshine is the biggest Black and Tan, lying vertically in almost the centre of the photo. Tiny, the puppy we lost at 10 days old, is next to Sunshine's head


The heartbreak of losing Robyn was unimagineable, as was the panic that instantly set in at the thought of trying to raise 10 new puppies without their Mum - their lives were literally in my hands. I was absolutely crushed, but due to this was adamant that I would raise these babies, regardless of how hard it was, and would make sure that they survived. I knew I was perfectly capable of rearing them singlehandedly, so made it my absolute mission. I spent every waking minute with them and commited to their care as if they were my own children.


Sadly, we lost the smallest puppy, Tiny, who was born by caesarean section, at 10 days old - the first time we have ever lost a puppy other than Winny.


Sunshine - just born


Sunshine was the second puppy born within the litter and we could see from the outset that she was very similar to her Mum in looks. During the first week of the puppies lives, two of my nursing Mini Dachshund Mums helped feed the orphaned litter. I would bring the ladies into the bedroom, place 5 pups with each, and they would feed and wash them for 5 minutes before I took over with a bottle and toileted them.


It was during the first week that Sunshine chose me, rather than vice versa. Once she had finished feeding from the surrogate Mums, she would crawl away from them and seek me out. Puppies can't see or hear until around two weeks old, but she would find me by scent and scramble up onto my lap.


Initially we called her 'Best Friend' as she always wanted to be close to us. I tried to put aside the bond we had as I was unsure of keeping another Standard Dachshund after the sadness of losing Robyn, and I even had a home lined up for her. But the night before a couple were due to come and see her, I broke my heart at the thought of her leaving, so knew then that we were meant to be together. The couple understood and ended up having another pup from the litter.


We changed her name from Best Friend to Sunshine, mainly as she lights up our hearts after such a traumatic journey. 


Sunshine is also registered with the UK Teckel Stud Book Society, where Standard Working Dachshunds from imported lines are registered. This is a registration database within it's own right and completely separate from the Kennel Club.






16 weeks


Sunshine had her first litter in March 2020 - two days before her second birthday. She gave birth with ease to 7 gorgeous puppies, 3 girls and 4 boys, and was the most amazing Mum ever, as I knew she would be, as she is the most patient and loving dog I have ever known.


The litter were an absolute joy to help her raise, we loved every single one. We look forward to Sunshine hopefully having another litter at some point in 2021.




Sunshine had her second litter in May 2021 - another 7 puppies; 6 girls and 1 boy.

Unfortunately, however, after a very easy birth like the first time, Sunshine became very ill, very quickly, and needed emergency surgery to save her life, during which she was spayed. This then meant that her second litter was her final litter, something I wasn't expecting, but the main thing is that she is still here with us as it could have been a very different story.


From Sunshine's final litter I kept 2 bitch puppies, Dippi and Cici, and I look forward to continuing her fantastic genes and mothering instinct with them in the future.



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