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Should you require any further information or have any questions regarding Dachshunds or their puppies,

please do get in touch.


Due to busy family life, I am not always available to answer calls, so we ask for contact via email initially and, if appropriate, start the vetting process.


We can then organise a time suitable to us both to have a chat on the phone.


I look forward to hearing from you!


Warmest wishes



Di x



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Dachshund Breed Council


Dachshund Health UK


Sunsong Dachshunds


Dodgerslist - Information and Advice on IVDD


The Dachshund Club


The Miniature Dachshund Club


Recommended and used by Pelirroja


Furry Necks Dog Collars


Hoobynoo Dog Tags


HKAceramics Dog Bowls


Emma Bridgewater Dog Bowls


Equafleece (Daxie sized!)


Dorwest Herbs (Herbal Supplements for your dog)


Buddy & Lola (Wellbing products for your dog)


Dogs Naturally magazine


JR Pet Products (Dog Treats)


Perfect Fit Harness


Herbal Pet Supplies (Shampoo, Herbal Flea Treatments)


Doglost (Report a dog missing or search for a lost dog)


Dog First Aid Courses


(Food company links are on the Raw Feeding page)


Pelirroja Dachshunds

Di Handy



07870 963345


Please note: our waiting list is full until 2024 and we are currently not taking any waiting list enquiries.


Thank you





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